Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yesterday morning I left NAC at about 8:15 to go to Longview. My cousin Christy's little boy was having his 2 yr birthday party at Pump It Up Jr. It is fun to watch the little ones jump around, slide, scream, and play...all the while knowing that they will all go home with someone else. But I always love seeing my family. I don't have brothers and sisters, so my cousins are the closest thing that I have. I love seeing their kids and how much they look like their parents. Wow!
After we had cake, Capri suns, chex mix and Blaze opened all of his presents we headed out to Libby.
Libby is a small community or area between Garrison and Martinsville where my grandfather and his siblings grew up. We had our first Farrell Family Reunion since I don't know when. They always have a Libby Reunion, but other families from the community come as well, but this was just our family. My grandfather's parents were James Alden and Lottie Mae Farrell. They had, and this is in no particular order: Oscar, Joseph, Doc, Ruby, Naomi, Eli, Cory Thomas...I think that is it. Uncle Cory is the only living child. But each of those had 2-4 kids each. There were 7 of their kids there and 8/9 were missing and there were still 30+ people there. So next years family reunion with more telling how many of us there will be.
Whenever we go to these family favorite thing is to hear all of the old stories. Stories about the family I never go to meet...stories that help me see my grandparents as teenagers. The stories always help me to see my grandparents in myself and the family I do know. I am always told that I look like "Aunt Maggie" that is my grandma, my mom's mom. She used to take care of me and the twins when we were preschool age. When I knew her, she was older and when I could actually talk with her, she had Alzheimer's. So, I didn't get to know her as well as I would have liked. My mom and aunt always tell me I act like her too. So I love to hear the stories. My boy cousins are automatically pointed out as Ben's grandsons. I love that I can still my grandfather, one of the most amazing men in Cody, Clayton and Clinton. I not only see him in their eyes, hands, or smile. I can see him in their love for the outdoors, their calm spirits, and love for God and their family.
But those Farrell's have the most beautiful eyes! And almost all the men stand alike. They don't put their hands on their hips, but on their love handles. It is the craziest thing, but it is so funny to watch them all standing and talking to each eyes, tall, same smiles, and their hands on their love handles.
I guess that is what makes us family.
One of the jokes yesterday is that everyone brought their coolers with food and drinks for the pot luck. All the coolers had FARRELL bodly printed on them. Ray, one of my mom's cousins, made the comment anyone could walk off with any of these coolers.
We got to see our families grave sites. And heard stories about loved ones lost. It is amazing to see so many people, good people come from 2 simple farmers.
I am proud to be a FARRELL.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Florida Cont.

The Butterfly house was very simple! But nice at the same time. We then went to The Zoo...that was the name of the zoo...The Zoo. Really? How original! But was $19+ to get in, ride the train, and buy food to feed the giraffes. So we went straight to the train depot. Which was loud and squeaky, due to the cart behind ours, but pretty cool cause we go to see other animals we would have never seen others wise. We got to see chimps, 2 silver back gorillas, 4 hippo ears, some African deer, and a zebra.
After our 10 minute train ride. We roamed around the zoo and found ourselves in the petting zoo...goats and llamas. I did not want to touch the thank you. Didn't want to feed them, cause I was saving my food to feed the giraffes. I found it...finally found the giraffe cage, pen, or whatever you call. And the 2 giraffe are under their covering/shed thing. Out of the sun. Not interested in my food what so ever. I tried to get them by shaking the food and making noise. Nothing. They just stood there and chewed on hay. UGH! ! !
So I was left with no other choice but to go and fee the llamas. So 3 llamas approach the scene, ready to be fed not shy what so ever. The smallest one was nice, ate nicely. The other brown one was OK...not too impressed. Then there was the white one. He chased Kristine around the fence line. Hilarious! Then he approaches me and I allow him to eat some of my feed. But he was gobbling the food up and spilling it everywhere. So I pulled the cup away. He looked at me and proceeded to spit a loogy on me. Really Llama? Loogy...Disgusting. Was that really necessary...I don't think so.
So we finished our time at The Zoo and it was time for beach time. We stayed there on Navarre beach Friday. We were out there for almost 2 hours....sea weed, algae, and all.
Now Friday nights dinner was a hole in the wall Mexican joint, nothing to get excited about what so ever. But good. After we left Acapulco Grill we headed done to Juana's after about an hour after trying to find somewhere to park. Really? We couldn't park on the shoulder of a rd where the speed limit was 30.
The bar/restaurant/beach volleyball/concert on the beach Juana's we watched the boys play volleyball....very nice. Met some interesting friends....very interesting. We stayed their for about 2 hours and it was time to call it a night!
Saturday was Fort Walton day. We drove at a crazy speed of 45 90% of the way there...15 minute drive took almost 40. Really? We can't go faster than 55 on a straight flat road? When we got to Ft. Walton....2011...we went to the Gulfarium. The first show we watched was the multi-species show: 2 dolphins Zach and ?, and Kyle preformed some tricks: painting, splashing the crowd, eating fish...the usual. After enduring the show with 100 screaming under 1 year olds...we roamed around and waited for the Dolphin show that started 10 minutes late and lasted less than 15. Three dolphins did 3 jumps each .. woo hoo! So it was blazing...went to the gift shop.
Ft Walton beach has changed so much in 7 years, when I went to Faulkner and went to the beach alot. We were there for 2 hours. Not so much sea weed.
We went back to the hotel chilled and got all dolled up to go back to Ft. Walton for dinner. After driving around for awhile, we decided to eat at a little Italian restaurant. Holy Moly... the best food I have had in a really really long time! ! ! I had Italian fried grits, with sausage, shrimp, and tomato cream sauce. AMAZING!
We wanted dessert, but were completely too stuffed so we drove around for over an hour finding a place to go and get dessert, being distracted by our crazy stories. We decided on cheese cake....but where to go...WINN DIXIE. Yay-ya! It all boils down to the fact that we were all dressed up with no where to go. We got a multi-flavored cheese cake and 2 milks.
After 2 pieces.... I was ready to crash.
Sunday we left at 9 after a "hot breakfast" reading, talking, glee soundtrack, eclipse soundtrack, more talking, Starbucks, McDonald's, and 9 hours later...NAC! ! !
Had a blast Kristine...thanks for going with!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday, Kristine and I headed out of NAC at around 5:15 a.m. Kristine is my cousin's wife's sister. We are the same age and in the same kind of circumstances: hard-working, single women!
So we both had some vaca time and decided to get out of TX!
Yesterday we traveled 9 hrs to Navarre, FL---only stopping once for gas in Hammond LA. The trip was filled with girl talk, family talk, music and a few yawns. But we arrived at our hotel at around 2:15! Woo-Hoo!
We ate lunch in our room. Then went and found the beach---BEAUTIFUL. No oil at this point! PHEW! After sitting out there for about 30 minutes taking pics, we headed back to the hotel. I went to the pool and laid out for an hour...partly napping!
Around 5 I came in, posted pics, and took a shower. We got ready and went to eat at the East Bay Crab House...ummm...little over priced for the atmosphere of a small town cafe and the food was not the best. But it was food!
After dinner we went to TC's Front Porch for karaoke and a drink (for me!) It was fun...stayed there for about an hr and sang along with the "star singers". After our fill of off key country, we headed back to the hotel.
I tried to plan our day for today (Friday)...not sure how well I did.
This morning I woke up at 7:45, got dressed and went and worked out in the Fitness Center. I did the elliptical for 3o minutes...2.06 miles--WooHoo! Then I headed over to the "Hot Breakfast". Had a southwest omelet and cranberry juice and a bottle of water!
Today the plan is to go to the Butterfly House, souvenir shop, and the beach! Then we are going to try and find a nicer place for dinner. We will see how that turns out as well.
Enjoy your day...I know I will enjoy mine!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Time is Here!

Well good afternoon people! This is the first full week of my summer vacation....woo-hoo! I am planning a summer full of rest and relaxation! So far this week has included: working-out @ 8a.m. with Ruby, eating, and laying out by the pool! How amazing is that? I think it is a great start to my summer break. It has only been a week, not even, and I am already a shade darker! Oh...I wish somebody would have told me you are supposed to by your swimsuits in January...When you go in June...there is nothing left! But REALLY? Who is looking to get their white, lumpy behinds into a swimsuit in January...No one!

Next week I will be traveling with my "cousin-in-law" to Navarre Beach in Florida. Kristine and I realize there may be oil on the beach in FL thanks to BP, but as Kristine so cleverly pointed out, ". . .there will be no oil in the pool!" So will be heading down to FL next Wednesday and returning home next Sunday. The main point of the whole vacation is to get out of Texas. . .just get away! I will do my best to write while I am there.

OH! ! ! June 30th at 12:20 a.m. Tammy, Michelle, and I will be watching the 3rd movie in the Twilight saga, Eclipse, at the IMAX in Houston! I am soooo totally pumped and ready to go. We will start the evening off at 6 p.m. watching Twilight and New Moon back to back. Then we will get to see the showing of Eclipse at midnight in the IMAX theatre! ! ! Yay-ya! I know what you are thinking..."Really? 3 grown women going to see that movie, all the in Houston?" That's right your heart out!

Today was supposed to be a day of fun in the sun with Michelle, Ruby and her son, but NOOOO, the rain decided to come today.... I know that we need the rain and all, but REALLY? my first week of vacation? Really? But is was a good morning....good workout up at SFA with Ruby. I make things up as we go throughout our workout, but today was good...bear crawls, lunges, squats, running, jogging, sprinting, walking, bunny hops, back pedaling, karaoke--45 minute workout. Phew! Just glad it is over! The sun was out at 8 a.m., but it is far from being out at 12:20 p.m.

This summer I am going to try and be productive: keep working out, write more on my story, write more poems, lay out, read, fold and pack clothes for Africa, get a good tan, get my balcony decked out looking cool, get ready for school next year, and just chill. Sounds like a productive summer, lets see if it happens.

I am sitting on the balcony watching it rain, enjoying the coolness this rain shower is bringing. Lawli sits in her chair and I in mine, soaking up the relief from the East Texas summer. The rain keeps chasing me in and outside. It is peaceful, even though this is not what I had planned today. The sun keeps peaking through the clouds, making me think that the rain is over and gone, but it goes right back behind those clouds...tease! I am crushed that there is no sun, but I am totally stoked that school is OVER! ! !
I hope everyone enjoys this rain!