Saturday, May 15, 2010

Disney Cartoons...Really!

Whoever said that Disney movies were just for kids was mistaken. Those animated cartoons have to be some of the best movies ever. The twins and I used to watch "Dumbo" and "Pinocchio" when we were little before nap time. "Aladdin" was the first VHS that was bought for me. I have almost all of the cartoons memorized. One of the preachers that always goes with us to South Africa quotes "The Lion King" when we are in the game parks. He cracks me up! Michelle and I used to rewind a part in "Aladdin" 5 million times and just laugh and matter how many times we watched it. Now that the Princess and the Frog has come out...I now found myself singing Mama Odie's, "You Gotta Dig a Little Deeper". I guess this blog could go under the things that make me smile. Almost every Disney movie has a childhood memory attatched to it...makes me smile.
When I was in college...I even did a "Disney Devotional" for a women's bible study. I pulled scenes from Disney cartoons and made biblical lessons from them. I still have that lesson written down somewhere...I need to find that! It was pretty cool...even if I do say so myself.
But what brought all this is on is, earlier tonight I was watching a real movie. Now when I added this particular movie to my queue on Netflix, I thought it was going to be a romantic comedy...umm not so got creepy. feel not so oogy anymore, I have put on "Princess and the Frog"... it makes me smile!
And isn't that what life should be about...true happiness. I am here to say proudly...I am 28 year old professional and I love watching Disney Cartoons. I know many of you are saying, "Really? You are a grown woman watching Disney animated cartoons. Really?" I am not ashamed. I would rather watch Disney cartoons than some of the trash movies that are produced today. Like that super creepy one I watched tonight. All the violence, the over sexuality, the super vulgar language...can't handle all that. And now that I am a teacher, I can't believe my students are watching some of that mess. Hurts my heart! The cartoons are sweet, simple, and have good lessons to be learned, and don't take a whole lot of thinking to follow the story (sometimes my brain is fried from working...needs a break). Sometimes after a hard week, a good cartoon helps me to think of my family and friends and reminds me of where I came from. They make me feel like everything is going to be OK.
Thank you Disney for making me smile!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things That Make You Smile

Today I was inspired once again...this time by an East TX author who came to speak about her life, her books, but it was more so about her passion for life and writing. She told about how she is very inspired by images still or moving. She said she would journal her days, what she saw, what she did. And sometimes from those meager writings she could go back and form a story. How simple that may seem, but I, as a lover of writing, sitting down and doing can be intimidating more than difficult. I am scared of what people will think of my thoughts. Sounds kind of ridiculous when I write it...their thoughts on my thoughts.
But what an amazing job would that be? Write all day, visit different conventions, meet other authors, and get to travel to different schools speaking about something you love doing. I am jealous. I will be there one day! That is a goal of write a novel!
She really made me want to sit down and write. My wonderful & inspiring friend, Sonja, has been encouraging me to write as well....and since I have been doing this, I have been writing more and I have actually felt better on the inside since I have been blogging. I know this is really more for myself than anyone else. But I love it!
Summer is just around the bend....THANK GOODNESS! This week has been super draining, but we are almost done! ! ! 9 school days and 2-- 1/2 days! ! ! I am so stoked and so ready for this summer and all of its new adventures. I am pretty sad about not being able to go to Africa this summer, but I am so ready to do more reading, writing, photography, cooking, and researching. Things that make me smile!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mind

As I try and wind down for the day, I have decided to sit on my balcony and enjoy the night air. The wind today has made me miss my Abilene days. Enya is playing softly in the background as Lawli sniffs out her surroundings. I am trying to breath deeply, trying to clear my mind of all the chaos and stress around me.
I am doing a daily devotional from the Women of Faith series and they are making me think...really dig into my thoughts on life and my relationships. And its not just talking about my relationship with God, but also with my family and with friends. Its hard to look yourself in the ideological mirror, I mean really look at yourself. To examine your soul, your heart, your thoughts. It is not fun and for me somewhat disappointing. I have found I do like some of the things I see: service, compassion, love, friendship. But there are so many weaknesses: language, habits, unwholesome thoughts, weakness, swaying in my faith....that list goes on and on!
I have also found that I lack strength and courage to do what is in my heart. I keep waiting around for someone else to lead, or for some one to tell me what to do. Romans says it best for me... I know I am not supposed to do those things, but yet I do them anyways. Really? If I know they are wrong, then why do I do them? Why do I put myself through the guilt, the hurt, and resentment that sin brings? For an intelligent person, that just doesn't seem very smart.
I am praying for courage to do what He wills and I pray that my heart's desires align accordingly. But, at the same time, I am afraid of what He will give me the courage to do. That courage may mean stepping way out of my comfort zone. That courage may mean nights alone at the house (which I am totally OK with) The courage may mean cutting ties with people and habits I have grown accustom to or so attached to.
I can feel it in the breeze that swirls around me as I write these words, the breeze is never the same, it is always moving and dancing always searching. I can see change in the misty white clouds floating across the navy blue sky. Nothing ever stays the same.
I pray I have the courage to search as the wind.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The story of my life...just $.10 off. I finally got up the energy to go to the grocery store yesterday. Do you make a grocery list like I do...where there is only 6 or 7 things on your list and you walk out with buggy overflowing? Well that was me yesterday, my little list to get me through a week or 2. I even got one of the little buggies at Krogers to limit my spending. But that plan failed miserably. I even stopped in one of the aisles to reorganize my buggy. All things that go in the fridge or freezer in the top section, lined things up accordingly, then the lower basket was for things that need to go in the cabinet...organized that rack, lined things up nice and neat. Perfect! More room to buy more things not on my list!
So I finally get to the check out line. Waiting for what feels like an hour for a woman, who confessed she couldn't feel her fingers, to dig out her change, one coin at a time. Then it is my turn after an eternity of agony! ( I don't like know...I am not the "p" word). I give the lady my phone # for my Kroger's discount, then I hand her my coupons, yes I use coupons, and she begins ringing away. Now remember, I have given myself a budget for the month of May. I have my grocery money in hand, watching the total go up, higher and higher. After all of that my total is: $---.30. I look in my wallet, and I have $---.20. Yes, that's right...the story of my life...almost there, but not quite. The lady thought I was joking when I said I didn't have another dime.
They had to push my grocery cart aside so I could run to my car and retrieve another dime. While everyone stared at me while I walked away without my groceries.
I think there needs to be a little more training for sackers at grocery stores. They should be taught the art of placing things in plastic sacks. In one bag he put 500 T.V. dinners and in the next sack my one box of Skinny Cow Ice Cream. Makes no sense. Then in one sack he put items that would go in the fridge...good...and package of rice. They need the worksheets we had in elementary: "which of these items does not belong". And they need to buy them the Playskool cube where you put the correct shape block into the correct shape hole. Sacking should be an art, not a job for the disorganized!
Many of you are probably wondering why any of that makes a difference, "Why does it matter which bag has what in it? Its all going to the same place." I can hear you saying it. Make fun, that's fine. But I am telling you know that it is not me it is being efficient and organized. Many of my friends say that I have a problem, but I do not believe that organization, neatness, and order is a disorder, but a life of happiness. It would just make my life smoother and easier if the bags were more organized. And yes, I stood at the back of my car and re-sacked my groceries!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dude...what is the deal??? I am doing the whole vitamin thing, the whole workout thing, the whole trying to be healthy thing...isn't all of that supposed to give you more energy, make you feel better, turn your whole life around? No? Did I not get the right memo? But it has been fun drawing up the workouts. I sit down and write out exactly what we are going to do, reps, seconds... I do it all. And the crazy thing is...I am usually the one laying on the floor crying to make it all stop...and Hilary so sweetly reminds me..."You are the one that made this workout!!!" I am kicking my own butt! You would think that I would have the upper hand, be mentally prepared for the whole mind and body are not on the same page... may have a short somewhere! Melissa has decided to join the madness. I think the group thing seems to dull the feel of torture when you have people to laugh at...I meant laugh with!

The closer we get to the end of the school year... the longer the school days get and the shorter my personal time gets. I got home today around 6:30 and the next time I looked at my was 9:17...really??? I need my me time...and the whole clock speeding up after 3 p.m. is not working for me! For example...I need to go get groceries....but I don't have the time or the energy to go get it all done. I don't want to walk around the grocery store when my legs hurt and the sound of voices hurts my ears. I will just have to start eating my lunch menu for breakfast and dinner until there is just no other option but to go to the store. My new diet...don't eat!

This month is going to be a real challenge for many reasons: finishing my first year of teaching JH, keeping up the workout regiment, and my budget. Yes ladies and gentlemen...I have put myself on a budget, I am only allowing myself so much dough for groceries, entertainment, bills, shopping, ect. As of the 6th day into the new plan...I am doing quite well...but lets see how it is going on the 26th day of the plan! I am really trying to teach myself how to save and to only spend money when I need to not because I want to!

I am sitting on my balcony with Lawli, partially out of wanting to be outside in this amazing weather, but also to get better Internet reception...its pitiful I know. But my thoughts need to be sent to the masses! As the crickets chirp and the birds in my rain gutters scratch around...I bid you all goodnight.

Monday, May 3, 2010


My family is one of my favorite things. We don't always get to see each other anymore, and we are scattered from New Mexico, to Abilene, to Nebraska, to Arkansas, to Longview, to Nacogdoches, to Tatum, and to Flower Mound. But no matter the distance, we are still family. Now just because we are family doesn't mean everyday is a bed of roses, but even through the thorns, they are still the most important people in my life.
Now that my cousins all have children and we get to see them playing together, it makes me smile to think about all of the games and activities we played when we were little: making a club house in the horse pen, making salads for the horses, mud pies, tents out of blankets and chairs, ghost baseball, fishing, running, rolling down the hill, slip and slides, & all our different sporting events. I remember watching Charlotte's Web, Mary Poppins, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Robin Hood and all the other Disney cartoons and musicals like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the Music Man. Now that we are older...we still watch all the Disney movies and musicals with a few extras like Tommy Boy and Tombstone.
I remember when our Grandpa would let us help him in his garden. We each had our own job: Grandpa would point where he wanted the seed to go, one of us would dig a hole, the next would drop in the seed, and the last one would cover it up. We would race through the corn rows, the long leaves slapping us in the face until we could get to the other side. The dirt of the garden burning your feet, almost like running on sun soaked pavement.
I remember when we would all load up and go down to Lilly Mae's for an ice cream cone. 2 scoops of cookies and cream was what we always got. and we would have to race to eat it before the East Texas heat got it.
But one of the things that sticks out in my mind even more so is my grandparents studying their bible together. Everyday, sitting in their own recliner, with bible and Power book in hand, they would take turns reading and answering the questions together. When I was 4 I never realized the impact that would have on my family today.
And when I really took notice of my family's faith was 2 years ago when I was in South Africa with the Flynn's. Dorian was talking to some of the elders of a church there and told them that I was a 5/6 generation Christian. The elders were highly impressed, nodding and smiling. I didn't understand the magnitude of that simple fact until 'D' and I sat down to talk. He explained that many of the families here are 1st generation Christians, that their families did not have Christian grandparents that passed on the importance of church and religion. He explained that in the overall picture of Christian families, our family's lineage of faith was unique. Wow!
So, when I think about my family as a whole, we aren't just nieces/nephews, cousins, aunts/uncles, parents, spouses, brothers/sisters...we are more than that, we are brothers and sisters in Christ, we are more than just blood related, we are apart of a much higher family. We are the recipients of a great inheritance.
I know that families are not perfect and heaven knows the Farrell's are far from perfect, but we as a family are pressing on towards the same goal...Heaven. And because of our family's faithful past, we will get to spend eternity together in Heaven.
This past Sunday, a good portion of our family was able to worship together in Longview. I cried as I thought about how blessed we were to have such a special bond. Hearing Amanda's beautiful voice singing, passing little Wade down the line so I could hold him, bowing our head together in prayer, watching my aunt sign the worship service, and sharing the Lord's supper together. What an amazing gift.
The blessing is this: your family are the people that are supposed to love you and take care of you no matter what life throws in your path, but how amazing is it to be able to go to your family with praise and problems, knowing that they will be praying for you and doing their best to give you Godly advice.
I just pray that our family will remember that amazing bond that we share, the bond that runs deeper than DNA.
Family, I love you and thank God for you everyday!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pump it up! ! !

Wow! Today has been a 90 to nothing kind of day...but when it is spent with family... I don't mind the sugar filled, running from birthday part to soccer to baseball to cook out...this is a good kind of tired.
We started out of NAC this morning at 8 am. Not cool on a Saturday...but it was for a good cause. My cousin Clayton and Amanda's little girls turned 2 & 1 today...yes I said both of them turning a year older on the same day! WHEW! Well we started our day with a trip to Starbucks and Donut Palace. My Mocha Chip Frappicino had so much chocolate syrup in it...I was already sugar loaded by 8:15 am.
Pump it up was a blast... a mini family reunion for the kids. Clinton and Jenna's little boy is getting soooo big...and just like his shirt said, definitely 100% boy! Too cute! Adam & Christy's kids are growing up soooo fast. Why must kids do that?
The kids were running around, bouncing, sliding, screaming, sweating, pushing, jumping, crawling, and laughing....having a complete and total blast. I think that has to be one of the best sounds in the world is to hear children laughing.
Even some of the "adults" if that is what you want to call them, got in on the action. Cody, Clayton, Amanda, Jenna, and even Monnie (my aunts 80 year old mom) climbed up the inflatable stairs and slid down! FUN!
Amanda and Christy made the cakes themselves....Minnie and Mickey mouse was the theme! TOO CUTE!
Then....we went out to eat lunch....all 20+ of us at Papcitas in Longview. HUGE TABLE! And the waiter took all of our orders...with out writing them down...and drum roll them all right! I was blown away! And oh so glad to get to eat!
2 pm....Jackson's soccer game...super hot but super fun to watch him.
3-6 pm Taylor's baseball game...super hot, but really good to see him pitching.
Then I just had to go to Kohl's...hello, we got paid this past week...its been burning a hole in me pocket!
Then we all headed...yes all...20+ of us headed to my aunt and uncles place for fellowship and burgers! Playing with the kids, fishing, carpentry, eating, laughing, and talking...that is what we Farrell do best. we are at our Go-Go's are sleeping and I smell to high heavens I know. So I bid you all a good night and there will be more to come!